Saturday, March 23, 2013

Criminitly ! Chickens in the Hood !

Red and Zilla (the Rhode Island Red and the Buff Orpington) have decided that the neighborhood is theirs.
A sort of chicken gang.
It began when I started letting them out at sunrise with the intent that they would leave Grace(the chicken truck chicken) alone.
Although they still look for her so they can pick on her.
They are definitely chicken thugs !
I don't know how to tell Grace to fight back !
They even chase the schnauzer !
Criminitly !

Its not like looking under every single leaf and stick for bugs OR avoiding hawks, cats and dogs OR following me around all day waiting for a treat OR just basking in the sun, isn't enough to do !
Getting up at sunrise leaves a lot of time in a day for a curious hood chicken to explore and get into trouble.
They usually stay reasonably close by the house so they can come running if I call OR happen to have their favorite chicken 'crack'- dried meal worms.
Truly they are addicted.
Truly that makes me their dealer.
But today they decided some delicious items were OUT BY THE STREET !!
Which is nowhere near their house !!
Criminitly !

I called them and they totally ignored me !
They are out of control !
I have given them too much free time !
A chickens 'job' is to lay eggs and lay eggs only, but I can't fire them and give them other chores to do so they will stay out of trouble.
What to do ?
Too many hours in a chicken day !
Criminitly !

Sooooo after an hour of rebellious street scratching they came back to the house for a rest under the azalea bushes.
But not before my dog Eva saw them and playfully chased the red one till she yelled, flapped around and scrambled for cover in the shrubbery.
I didn't stop her (the dog) either. Nope.
If the hens are going to be like wandering sheep, they need a guard dog to keep them in line.
The neighborhood is NOT theirs.
There is no chicken watch in the neighborhood.
I don't speak 'hood' chicken.
I don't even speak chicken !
I'm not Momma Dolittle !
I'm not even their mom.
It's dangerous out there !
They just won't listen !

Criminitly !

Monday, March 11, 2013

The Best Lotion.

Just wanted to share some information about the best lotion ever.
And I have tried a bazillion.
I have to wash my hands SO many times a day. Thanks to the dogs, the hens, the cats, the Wal-mart shopping cart, the laundry,
the fish ponds, the chicken coop, the vacuum, the computer keyboard, the eggs, the hens and the dogs again and did I mention all things dog and hen ??
No I don't have a phobia or paralyzing fear of germs or neurotic need to nervously rub my hands together.
ANYWAY...... I wash my hands ALOT and I found this recipe on Pinterest and I thought you should know about it.
I am on my second batch and couldn't have made it through the winter without it !!!

These are the ingredients:

Johnson Baby Lotion (any scent)
Vitamin E Cream

These are the ratios and they CAN be halved:

16 oz. baby lotion
8 oz. Vaseline
8 oz. Vitamin E Cream

Mix with a hand mixer until it looks like frosting.

Then put in your favorite container !!

It is fabulous !!
You will thank me and your skin will thank you !!!

Friday, March 8, 2013

Loosing a hen

Beautiful day.

Horrible circumstances.

We had to put down Margaret.

She was one of my original peeps rescued from a wild mama hen at my daughters country home.
My daughter rescued 4 peeps, 3 of which were roosters and had to go.
Margaret was a keeper and a sweetheart.
Sat on my feet, lap, shoulder and came running when I called.
She always got to be in the middle of the other hens when it was cold.
She had remarkable blue legs, lovely tan feathers and laid lovely light brown eggs.
She will be missed.

Monday, March 4, 2013

Too Cold?

If anyone does not see the advantage of down bedding, than I am just sad for them.

While the past week has been windy and dipping into the 20's at night I have tossed and turned worrying about my hens getting too cold..
The chicken truck chicken, Grace, sleeps all by herself (till she is hopefully comfortable snuggling with her bullying companions).
Margaret, the wild caught hen, who has become broody and grumpy chooses now of all times to sleeps by herself in the other nest box.
Red (for lack of a better name) and Zilla, the Buff Orpington sleep together. They are not the ones keeping me awake.
There is basically no snuggling for warmth.
It is just hen against cold.
Pond freezing, ground crunching, nose running cold !

I am snuggled under my down comforter and my feather/down pillows. Toasty and warm.
THIS fact is the ONLY reason I can get get any sleep at all.
My girls are COVERED with the same thing !!!

Every morning, when they are let loose from the coop, sometimes before sunrise when it is coldest, they bound out and act like it is a warm spring morning !
The wind ruffles their feathers but they will then just scratch places next to the house.
I should have known things would be ok.
Some folks have chickens WAY up north.
But these are my girls, all but one raised from a peep.
They entertain me.
They worry me.
They give me eggs.
They make me smile.
They warm my heart.