Monday, June 3, 2013


Was it fate that I called Gracie a freak of nature one day and the next day "nature" takes notice of her and destroys her?

It looks like a fox targeted her and since she couldn't run well or fly at all, she had no escape.

I can't tell you, gentle reader, how sad this makes me.

She had so many struggles and fought back like a trouper to beat every single one.

And then a stinking fox, in broad daylight, with my front door open and the dogs and cats running in and out, has the gall to make her a meal.

It is senseless.

The other chickens are fine. but they are just chickens.

At least today.

Gracie was that one chicken exception that makes caring for chickens NOT a chore.

I am overwhelmed with 'Chicken Loss Despair'.


RIP sweet bird.


  1. Every time I see chickens now I think of this sad day. Of all the chickens in all the world, why did it have to be that one? :(

  2. I couldn't agree more. She was so very fabulous! :(