Monday, January 14, 2013

Chicken lips

Chicken lips ?
Some say yes, some say no.
I say..............?
I thought of chicken lips because as I age my 'plumage' is loosing its luster shall we say.
My youthful colorful 'feathers' are replaced by less obvious, fluffy, downy 'feathers'.
Especially my lips.
Hence, quite possibly. my attraction to lipless birds.
I had to spend and entire weekend and most of a Monday trying to decide on a lipstick because it was not cheep. (yes, pun intended)
Who cares?
Not the girls. nope.
Not them.
They love me in any color. They have seen me in my nightgown, my bathrobe,
my unmentionables as I run to open coop doors after sleeping a tad too long, they've seen me bundled in coats, sweaters, hats, vests too, all of various colors.
They still follow me everywhere and think I'm fabulous !
Their feather color has subtle variations as it goes from the top of their head to their tails and the sun makes them look as lovely as peacocks.
And they don't even need lipstick.
But I do and you heard it from my own lips.