Sunday, February 3, 2013

Chickens and Snow

We had a good snow yesterday.
It was fabulous, fun, beautiful and wet.
The chickens HATED it.
I let them free range so they could enjoy it and at first they refused to leave their coop and run.
They finally did when they saw us running around in it.
But they were not happy. Not one bit.
It could have been their fear of predators from the sky or just the wet coldness mushing between their toes.
ANYWAY, right before dark I went outside again to close up their coop and their little chicken snow footprints were in all the wrong places.
They were thrown off by the whiteness of everything.
I could tell where they had gathered and made a game plan near the blueberry bushes.
Then they went up to the fence and and back towards their food tin, but from the outside.
When that didn't work as planned they investigated the back of the coop.
Eventually they recognized the door to the run from the back and went in.
Their footprints told the whole story.
When I said good night and closed their doors, they let me know how upset they were with this white stuff.
Lots of chicken grumbling when they are usually quiet at bed time.
It was their first ever snow and it made me giggle.
The human family had such a good time in it and the girls considered it a nightmare.
I hope the footprints of our lives tell a Good story.
ce la vie.

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