Monday, February 25, 2013

Chicken Truck Chicken

On this Fat Tuesday Post it seems appropriate to post about my new chicken truck chicken.
She was rescued this past Saturday after falling off a truck on her way to the processing plant.
The fact that she was/is intact is the second miracle in and of itself.
The trucks are packed body to body with over fed, under cared for chickens, bumping and jilting around down the highway in the rain, sun, snow, whatever.
The wire cages are just big enough to let the bird turn around and are stacked 10 cages high and no telling how deep and wide.
Our bird managed to get out of or not make it into one of those cages, couldn't leave her friends, and fell off as the truck accelerated down the highway.
The miracles are adding up.
A kind driver, stopped, grabbed the bird and took it to the nearest veterinarian. (They are usually seen dead on the roadside and
we won't discuss southern drivers here, if you know what I mean)
My daughter who works at said vet called me.
I went right over and got the frightened bird.
2 weeks later:
The chicken is doing well these days. It was a rough start as my old chickens 'hazed' her into the pecking order.
She could not walk and tripped over her own feet.
Her breast feathers were covered in dried chicken poo. And she was not very feathered out.
I'm sure it was a result of temperature controlled houses and cramped quarters.
She was not sure how to get water and after a rain would get drops off the leaves.
She eats and drinks like a pro now.
She is starting to feel like a real chicken and take dust baths, clean her feathers and make chickeny noises.
I had no idea it would take so long.
She still is getting picked on and likes dogs, cats and people better than her own kind.
She is a sweetie though and I am glad to have her.
I am glad nothing was broken or damaged and that she is not processed with some broth and noodles.
She is a miracle.
Her name is Grace.

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